The Key to Early Learning
The provision of a caring and stimulating atmosphere. A safe, colourful and bright environment. Consistent discipline coupled with lots of praise and encouragement. A well structured learning programme catering for individual needs.


Pre-school 18 Months To 3 Years

During these years the prime aims are social, language and physical development. For most children this will be the first separation from their parents and frequently much time has to be spent on making the child feel confident and comfortable, not to mention the parents! The children have to learn to share the attention of adults as well as the toys and equipment. Each day is one of new discoveries, learning and developing through play.

The children experience, painting, cutting, sticking, colouring, playdough, creative play in the play house, dressing up, sand and water play, playing of musical instruments, singing, dancing, ring games, stories and constructional toys. There is a great variety of equipment to develop fine motor skills, as well as the opportunity to climb and balance on the outside equipment and ride the tricycles, scooters and cars.

By the time the children are three and ready for the Nursery class we aim for them to be able to:

  • Come into school confidently and happily
  • Find their own “cubbie” and put their bags away
  • Be independent during snack time such that they collect their bags, unpack their snacks, sit and eat quietly and politely, throw their rubbish away, pack up their bags and take them back to their "cubbies"
  • Wash and dry their hands
  • Help to tidy and begin to know where resources belong
  • Use a wide vocabulary and generally communicate confidently
  • Hold scissors correctly and cut simple outlines, and consistently have the correct pencil grip
  • Share toys/equipment and the adults’ attention
  • Manage with minimum help when going to the toilet
  • Have an awareness of colour, shape and early numbers through play and rhymes
  • Have a good repertoire of rhymes and songs