The Key to Early Learning
The provision of a caring and stimulating atmosphere. A safe, colourful and bright environment. Consistent discipline coupled with lots of praise and encouragement. A well structured learning programme catering for individual needs.


This is the second year of the Early Years Foundation Stage. For those who have not experienced Nursery, there will be an assessment and the programme adjusted accordingly. For those who have completed the Nursery year, the programme will start as follows:


  • For those children for whom English is a second language, there will be regular structured English sessions dependent on the level already reached
  • Pre writing will continue for those with little previous school experience. This will include: eye hand control exercises, tracing, colouring/painting within lines, pencil grip and control, writing patterns, drawing, mark making, emergent writing and writing of their own names
  • For those who have mastered the above, they will be introduced to the formation of letters , daily news with the teacher as scribe and children joining in as and when they are able, writing simple sentences and an awareness of the capital letter and full stop


  • Visual discriminatory exercises
  • Sequencing
  • Memory training
  • Labels around the room
  • Recognition of friends’ names
  • Auditory training – sound lotto, rhyming words, I Spy, odd one out eg cat, car, baby, cow
  • Encourage an interest in books through stories and use of the library


  • Introduction of sounds
  • Blending of CVC words
  • Consonant digraphs and blends
  • High frequency words and key words from the Oxford Reading Tree
  • The children will read from the Oxford Reading Tree and simple books from the library


  • Sorting, sequencing and pattern making
  • Counting, recognition and writing of numbers 1-10 and then to 20
  • Odd and even numbers
  • Build up of mathematical language
  • Build up of number facts 1 to 10
  • Introduction to simple addition and subtraction using apparatus
  • Simple problem solving using mathematical knowledge to date
  • Estimating, measuring, weighing using non standard measurements
  • The days of the week, months of the year and telling the time to the hour


Each term the children will be introduced to one or two topics to stimulate their interests in the world around about them, to encourage curiosity and questioning skills and a desire to find out more. This will include the subjects of science, history and geography.


In art the children will continue to work with different materials and stimuli, mainly related to the topics.


Children who only speak English will continue to have French lessons as per Nursery.


Children will experience dance with a specialist and a PE lesson each week with their class teacher.