During this year the children will continue to cover science, history and geography through a variety of topics. Children will be further encouraged to be interested in the world about them, to ask questions, to research for themselves using the library and computers. In addition they will experience art, P.E. including swimming and dance and French for native English speakers. For Literacy and Numeracy, we use the Literacy and Numeracy strategies from the  National Curriculum for England and Wales as our guidelines.



The children will continue to read using the Oxford Reading Scheme as the core scheme with supplementary books. They will also be encouraged to read widely from the library. There will be regular reading tasks for home reading as well as the chance to take books home from the library. They will develop a larger sight vocabulary and gradually learn and utilise more complex vowel digraphs and consonant blends to help decode the text. They will be expected to be able to answer straight forward comprehension questions and eventually questions with inferred answers.


The correct formation of all the letters and spacing of words will be reinforced. They will be encouraged to write using interesting and appropriate vocabulary and simple punctuation.


In numeracy over these two years the children will:

  • Build up multiple facts
  • Build up multiplication facts and learn the tables 2,5 and 10.
  • Build up and learning of number facts 1 - 10 and then to 20.
  • Appreciate that division is the reverse of multiplication and use that in problem solving
  • Simple problem solving activities
  • The concepts related to money i.e. buying, selling and giving change
  • Practical work involving halves and quarters.
  • Measurement using non standard measures.
  • Identifying and naming 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Introduction to block graphs and pictograms.
  • Time - read time on the hour, half hour and quarter hour


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